Ford Breaking, Oxfordshire

At T&B Motors, Oxfordshire we are always looking for Ford vans to buy for breaking or scrap. Some of the most common models we buy include:

  • Ford Transit Vans
  • Ford Connect Vans
  • Ford Courier Vans
  • Ford Escort Vans

To find out more on each model, click the links below, or contact us today to request a free quote.

Ford Transit Vans

The Ford Transit Van is without doubt, the most iconic and most loved van in Ford's range of light commercial vehicles. Spacious loadspace coupled with reliability and cheaper parts compared to other manufacturers has made it a clear winner for decades, with only a few vehicles such as the Mercedes Sprinter offering much in the way of competition.

However, all good things must come to an end and after years of loyal service many Ford Transits reach the end of their natural life and need breaking. This is where we can help.

Looking to sell your Ford Transit Van?

We are always looking buy Ford Fransit vans to break for spare parts, so if your Ford Transit has reached the end of its life, is an accident write off, or a non-runner please contact us today for a free quote.

  • Years: 1996, Mark: V
  • Years: 2002-2006, Mark: VI
  • Years: 2006+, Mark: VII
  • Years: 2012+

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Ford Courier

The Ford Transit Courier (Previously known as the Ford Courier) is the smallest vehicle within the Ford Transit range which makes it ideal for couriers who need to make fast deliveries in challenging city environments.

It's built on the same B-Segment chassis which means it shares a lot of similarities, and therefore, compatible parts as certain models of Ford Fiesta, Ford B-Max and Ford EcoSport.

Looking to sell your Ford Transit Courier?

We are always looking buy Ford Courier micro-vans to break for spare parts, so if your Ford Courier is an accident write off, a non-runner, or has simply reached the end of its life, please contact us for a free quote.

  • Years Wanted: 1998+
  • All Marks/Variants Wanted

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Ford Connect

The Ford Connect van replaced the Ford Escort van in 2002 and has been a popular workhorse for many years but in 2023 Ford announced its decision to discontinue the Ford Connect in the USA. It's future in the UK is uncertain. At present, Ford have stated they will continue to offer a European model but for how long we don't know. As a result, getting parts could start to get harder in years to come so now could be a good time to sell if you're considering an upgrade to a new model

Looking to sell your Ford Connect?

If your Ford Connect has reached the end of its life, is a non-runner, or an accident write of, we may be able to help, and as Oxfordshire's leading breaker for Ford vehicles, we can offer great prices with minimum fuss and same day payment.Contact us for a free quote today.

  • Years: 2003+
  • All Wanted

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Ford Escort Van

The Ford Escort Van ceased production in 2002 when the panel van version was replaced by the Ford Transit Connect. However, this reliable workhorse is still in use today as is it's parent model, the Ford Escort with which many parts are interachangable.

Looking for a breaker for your Ford Escort Van?

As Oxfordshire's leading breaker of vans and light commercial vehicles, if your Ford Escort Van is an accident write off, a non-runner, or has simply reached the end of its life and you're considering selling it, please contact us for a free quote.

  • Years: 1999+

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At T&B Motors we take the hassle out of selling your Ford van for scrap. We:

  • Were founded in 1972 & have been dismantling vehicles for over 50 years!
  • Offer competitive rates
  • Offer free vehicle collection within 20 miles of our base in Witney, Oxfordshire
  • Guarantee same day instant quotes for scrap vehicle enquiries
  • Will arrange a convenient time to pick up your scrap vehicle within 3 working days - Same day collection is also available.
  • Offer immediate payment upon collection of the vehicle.

Call: 01993 704766 or 01993 709000
Fax: 01993 779068

Non-runner? Accident Damaged? End of Life?
Not a problem! We will collect them and break for spares issuing all relevant DVLA paperwork.

Looking for Ford spare parts?

We offer a range of new or used parts for Ford vans and light commercial vehicles: